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6420 '84-'90 2.0L MITS. SOHC
6422 '95-UP NEON VIN "C" SOHC 2.0L
6426 '95+ DODGE 2.4L
6433 '86-'88 2.2L
6434 '86-'88 2.2L TURBO
6435 '89-'94 2.2L CHRYSLER
6436 '86-'88 2.5L CHRYSLER
6437 '89-'92 2.5L CHRYSLER "TURBO"
6438 '81-89 "RWD" 2.6L MITS
6439 MITS. 2.6L RWD "TURBO"
6440 '81-'87 FWD 2.6L CHRYSLER
6442 CHRYSLER 2.5L '89-UP
6443 '89-'95 DAKOTA 2.5L
6606 '64-'72 225 CHRYSLER
6607 '73-'80 225 CHRYSLER
6608 '81-UP 225 HYD. CAM
6610 MITS/DODGE (6G73) 2.5L V-6
6614 '98+ DODGE 2.7L INTREPID V-6
6619 '89-UP MITS/DODGE RWD 3.0L
6620 '87-'88 MITS/DODGE 3.0L
6621 '89-95 DODGE 3.0L SOHC
6622 '90-'92 DODGE 3.3L VIN "R"
6623 '93-'96 DODGE 3.3L VIN "T"
6624 '93-97 DODGE 3.5L (SOHC)
6628 '90-'93 3.8L CHRYSLER VIN "L"
6630 '87-ONLY 3.9L DODGE TRUCK
6631 '88-'91 3.9L DODGE TRUCK
6632 '92-UP 3.9L DODGE MAGNUM
6801 '64-'68 DODGE 273
6802 '57-'67 318 POLYSPHERE
6803 '62-'67 318 CHRYSLER
6804 '71-'80 318 CHRYSLER
6808 '81-'88 DODGE 318 NON-ROLLER
6809 '85-'90 318 ROLLER -VIN Y-P
6809D '90-91 DAKOTA W/SIDE MTS.
6810 '92-UP 318 DODGE MAGNUM
6813 '76-'88 360 CHRYSLER
6815 '89-92 360 WITH R/A SHAFTS
6817 '93-UP 360 MAGNUM VIN "Z-5"
6832 383 CHRYSLER
6844 400 CHRYSLER
6846 413 CHRYSLER
6848 440 CHRYSLER
6980 '94-UP DODGE V-10 TRUCK

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